Private equity investment activities are an important component of SJH's business strategy. SJH has significant deal experience in all aspects of principal investment, acquisitions and financing. An additional competitive advantage is SJH internal deal flow. SJH has access to superior resources to aid in sourcing, executing and monitoring investments. 

SJH focuses its private equity activity in industries and geographies where it perceives a significant investment opportunity and where it possesses strong capabilities, proprietary deal flow and an excellent reputation. 

Proposed Investment Funds
  • Private Equity for LBOs, MBOs, and Mezzanine and Equity Investments.
  • Venture Capital

Proposed Investment Fund - SJH Equity Partners I, LLP (the "Fund")

  • The Fund will seek proposed funding from institutional investors and wealthy individuals up to $25 million;
  • The Fund will be organized as a Puerto Rico limited liability partnership and will make mezzanine and equity investments in private companies based primarily in Puerto Rico;
  • The Fund will apply for a Small Business Investment Company ("SBIC") license from the U.S. Small Business Administration, in order to obtain additional capital from the U.S. government to leverage the Funds private capital; and
  • The Fund will invest in management buyouts, leverage buyouts, and companies seeking growth capital to expand both internally and externally through acquisitions.

Fund investment Criteria and Specifications

Section Under Development - To Be Determined


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