With a focus on transaction-oriented corporate finance advisory services, SJH assists clients in connection with mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, divestitures and private placements, in addition to other independent investment, corporate finance and strategic planning services. Typical financial transactions fall into one of the following categories.


Mergers - SJH represents private and public companies in merger transactions encompassing a spectrum of requirements, from research and valuations to negotiations of definitive agreements. Although SJH typically acts as exclusive advisor to its clients, in specific instances SJH will represent several groups in the capacity as third party mediator.

Acquisitions - SJH advises clients on acquisition strategies, supported by predetermined search criteria in lieu of strategic frameworks, and exclusively negotiate asset and stock purchase agreements. Building on a broad range of industry contacts and relationships, extensive databases and effective search concepts, SJH will quickly identify acquisition targets that are synergistic to clients' current activities.

Working with its clients' professional accountants and attorney's, SJH will confidentially approach owners of the desirous assets and actively negotiate all applicable documents from the letter of intent stage through the definitive agreement.

Sales and Divestitures - SJH will advise sellers of specific assets and companies on an exclusive basis. SJH will prepare in-depth valuations, generate descriptive memoranda, research the market place for the most logical buyers, discreetly approach identified targets and proactively negotiate all business aspects of the transaction documents, including letters of intent and definitive asset or stock purchase agreements, working with its clients' respective legal and tax advisors.


SJH corporate finance advisory services are primarily responsible for initiating, developing and maintaining investment banking relationships with clients throughout the island of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. SJH corporate finance advisory services primarily consist of performing complex financial analysis and modeling services to support financial valuations, fairness opinions and in support of the SJH's related investment banking services.

Valuations and Fairness Opinions - SJH will provide owners, controlling shareholders and management with independent fairness opinions and third party custom valuations. SJH will utilize proven financial methodologies that derive value, and incorporate cross functional reviews of relevant markets, operational capabilities and financial strengths and weaknesses.


Bank and Mezzanine Financing - SJH assists clients with its capital structuring and restructuring needs, and acts as an advisor to introduce and exclusively negotiate alternative senior and subordinate debt financings with single or multiple financial institutions.

Equity Financing - SJH represents companies in procuring institutional or private equity financing through numerous sources including buyout funds, merchant banks, industry specific funds, private equity funds and institutional investors. With extensive contacts and relationships, SJH will reach the most logical and attractive investment organizations based on a range of investment criteria. 


SJH's investment banking professionals focused on capital raising in the private equity and debt markets. SJH will work closely to assist clients in raising private capital throughout the company's capital structure. Clients range from pre-IPO companies to well-established corporations across many industries.

SJH employs a corporate finance driven approach to valuing, structuring, marketing, and placing minority and majority private equity, bridge, and mezzanine capital. SJH has experience in identifying sources, establishing structures, and placing the following:

  • Senior debt
  • Subordinated debt
  • Preferred stock
  • Common stock
In addition, the SJH has experience utilizing a variety of financing techniques, including securitizations, project financings, sale-leasebacks, and mezzanine structures.


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